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Dollhouse-sized Kitchen Cooks Real Food

Dollhouse-sized kitchen allows you to cook real breakfast using tiny utensils

You may have seen plenty of dollhouse kitchens that allow kids to practice cooking fake food. But, what if such tiny kitchens let you cook real food? Well, YouTuber [AAAjoken] has actually done that by cooking real breakfast for two, using a miniature toy kitchen. The stove within the dollhouse-sized kitchen is part of Japanese popular toy line Konapun, which lets users create toy kitchens with fake food.

With tiny utensils, cookware and fully-functional stove, he has prepared a complete breakfast of scrambled eggs, fried sausages and coffee. [AAAjoken] has whipped one tiny egg for omelet, chopped and fried small sausages in olive oil and also prepared some coffee; all of which is just perfect for a filling breakfast.

After preparing, he served the food as well as coffee and cups on mini dining table, so that two tiny people can enjoy a filling morning meal. Even though the mini kitchen cannot cook enough food for you, but it can surely cook something delicious for a little hamster in your house.

Check out the video below to find out more about the smallest kitchen out there.

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Dollhouse-sized Kitchen Cooks Real Food

The miniature kitchen allows you to cook real breakfast using tiny utensils

Via: Lostateminor

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