Scandinavian pallet Christmas tree

Easy to make Scandinavian Pallet Christmas tree brightens your home

It is estimated that considerable number of wood pallets are being used in day-to-day life, and still many more are waiting for their turn. So, it is quite obvious that crafters are making it count, and unleashing their artistic instinct being reflected through these pallets.

An anonymous designer created this adorable modern Scandinavian pallet Christmas tree from offcuts that remained from earlier projects. The project began by cutting pallet wooden strips into decreasing length, with square block spacers in between that too were made out of pallet wood.

Then a 22-mm hole was drilled right in the middle of each piece that the designer prepared for this project. Having done this, the designer stacked pallet strips into a wooden dowel in a pattern in which longer pallet strips were placed towards the base. Likewise, the designer kept on arranging them with spacers that separated two X shaped arranged wooden strips.

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And finally after working on this project for about two hours the designer managed to pull out a perfect Christmas tree. Thereafter it was decorated with Christmas ornaments and string lights. Finally, the modern pallet Christmas tree was all set to brighten the holiday season.

You too can make this elegant and easy to create pallet Christmas tree, and I am sure it will be great fun this holiday season, for you as well as all of those involved in this project.

Scandinavian pallet Christmas tree

Stacked pallet strips into wooden dowel in a pattern

Scandinavian pallet Christmas tree

Scandinavian pallet Christmas tree

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