You will love these 5 simple steps to decorate Christmas tree

Trimming the tree and hanging up the lights are holiday decorating staples, but there are so many other simple and incredible decoration ideas that you can use to make your Christmas tree special. Whether real or an artificial tree, we bring you these cool and easy steps to create your dream tree in no time. You’ll find this as an inspiring décor to liven-up the centerpiece of your holiday home.

Spruce up the Christmas tree with garland

This simple trick to add garland to your tree from the top and around till the end of trunk work wonders. All you need is two strands of garland for every vertical foot of your tree, and you’re all set to create a magical Christmas tree.

Image: Christmasmarry

An ode to Christmas tree with ornaments

Give an edgy yet quirky look to your Christmas tree with the ornaments that will make it look more stunning and lively. Flaunt all your favorite ones on the prime position of the tree, and fill them with the decoratives. You can also use small and medium handmade ornaments to add a personal touch to the tree.

Image: Makegreat

Adorn it with baubles

Add some sparkle to your Christmas tree with gorgeous baubles. You can either buy it from the store or create your own to give a warm look to your Christmas tree. Hang them in and around the tree and spread them evenly in a variety of shapes and sizes. Look out for baubles that are made from mixed metallic, glitters and natural elements to give it an elegant look.

Image: Pinterest

Mix and match your textures

The best thing about adding variety to your Christmas tree is that it gives a unique look to your tree with amazing textures. Right from burlap wreathes and silk ribbon to cork, wood and kraft paper; it adds warmth to your Christmas tree in the best possible way.

Image: Thewreathdepot

Make it more personal

You can decorate your Christmas tree in your own unique way. You can fill-in the tree with pictures, wooden initials, handmade ornaments and an attention-grabbing tree topper to make it a sparkling masterpiece. You can also add ornaments handpicked by each family member giving it a more personal touch.

Image: Potterybarn

Christmas comes once a year, and our simple ideas to decorate the Christmas tree make it special in its own fun-filled way. Give it a try today!

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