Instant camping folding camp

Kaesar Design’s portable folding camp project for Thule

A creative industrial designer of Sweden-based Kaesar Design (on Behance) has joined hands with world’s leading manufacturer of outdoor accessories ‘Thule’ for an instant camping project. The outcome is a foldable camp dubbed as ‘Tiveden’ that attaches to the back of cars and can be carried along with for using as a comfortable accommodation in nature exploration trips. This folding camp case is made of black textured textile that is stacked with grey matte aluminum frame for creating a stable and cozy space.  

The black matte plastic endings and corners keep the space weather resistant, while automatic locks for hinges keep the structure stable. By using the intuitive handles, this waterproof camp case can be easily unfolded into a comfy sleeping area. A roof covering is also included in the instant camp case for providing a roofed shelter to the trippers. This easy-to-handle tent case mounts to the tow bar of the car but can freely stand on the sturdy front and rear legs, so that you can store your gear inside the camp and take the car for a short road trip.

Tiveden is a portable camp assisting outdoor enthusiasts in exploring distant places of the world without worrying about the accommodation. Its darkened color scheme and slim design make it an ideal camp case that can be taken anywhere in the world.

Instant camping folding camp

Tow the folding camp to your car and start journey to your dream places

Instant camping folding camp

Designing process

Instant camping folding camp

Testing the Tiveden folding camp

Instant camping folding camp

Easy-to-handle folding camp

Instant camping folding camp

Intuitive handles for folding/unfolding the camp case

Instant camping folding camp

Sturdy structure makes it an ideal instant camping solution

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