OS & OOS’ Arc Furniture made out of HI-MACS

OS & OOS’ Arc Furniture made out of HI-MACS

Looking for furniture that adds classic style and sophistication into any living space? Then, have a look at the gorgeous Arc Furniture collection by Dutch studio OS & OOS in collaboration with LG Hi-Macs. The furniture collection is aptly named, as all three furniture units boast an elegant arc-shaped design.

According to the designers,

The use of Hi-Macs material allows for the same properties of stone because it is just that, but then ground with a binding medium that makes it possible to be bent when warm and therefore able to do things natural stone cannot.

This furniture collection consists of a bench and two stools, all of these are made out of synthetic stone that molds into desired shape when heated. Although the furniture pieces seems to be carved out of black granite, but designer duo (Oskar Peet and Sophie Mensen) has used Hi-Macs, a non-porous blend of stone-based material and acrylic, to craft smooth, curvy shapes of these seating units.

The Arc bench and stools are composed of certain interchangeable parts, leading to different design configurations. These seating units have minimal and slender shapes that self-support each piece of furniture to easily hold weight of any individual. This minimalist yet attractive design collection was launched at Wallpaper Handmade exhibition during Milan design week 2015. There is no word on its pricing and availability until now, but you may contact the design studio for a custom order.

OS & OOS’ Arc Furniture made out of HI-MACS

The collection consists of one bench and two stools

OS & OOS’ Arc Furniture made out of HI-MACS

The furniture pieces are composed of customizable parts

OS & OOS’ Arc Furniture made out of HI-MACS

The seating units are made from non-porous Hi-Macs material

OS & OOS’ Arc Furniture made out of HI-MACS

The furniture collection can also be custom made as per the user’s preferences

Source: Himacs

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