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Replace your boring light switches with classy Buster + Punch Switches

Still flipping the boring plastic light switches for controlling lighting in your home? Take a break from these tedious fixtures and upgrade them with the latest Buster + Punch (London-based Company) Light Switches and dimmers for adding some classy flavor to your walls. These switches come with shiny metallic finishing that is not only gorgeous but also conventional.

We’ve seen plenty of electric switches in the past with automatic control or hand wave technologies, but these metallic switches will definitely outshine them. They will add charm to your interior with walls flaunting dazzling switches all over your home whether bedroom, kitchen, living room or bathroom.

Just like regular switches and dimmers they come in single and double versions. But unlike the regular fixtures Buster + Punch switches and dimmers are made of solid metal including brass, steel, smoked bronze and variety of other cool combinations. Moreover, they come with a flat face-plate and the company’s signature penny buttons for additional aesthetics. All controls of these switches are diamond-cut knurled for providing textured feel to your fingers.

Add character and unique appeal to interior of your home or office with these glorious light switches and dimmers. But, as we all know luxury doesn’t come cheap, and so does these light switches, as they are available on company’s official website with starting price of about £30 (approx. US $50) for each switch or dimmer.

Buster + Punch Light Switches

Buster + Punch Light Switches in metallic brass finish

Buster + Punch Light Switches

Buster + Punch Light Switches and dimmers in various metallic finishes

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