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One Ring Fire Pit

This fire pit is reminiscent to ‘One Ring’ from Lord of the Rings

For avid fans of the fantasy series- Lord of the Rings, Etsy shop seller Bohemian Alp Designs has created a cool fire pit to make it through winter. Design of the fire pit is inspired from the evil ‘One Ring’ from the series with same inscription engraved on its metal body.

The circular body of this fire pit is made from 16 gauge steel and 12 gauge steel at bottom. Its elegant structure is perfectly finished with high temp black paint, forming a sophisticated fire hob for outdoors. With diameter of about 26 inches; the fireplace is perfect for igniting a bonfire in your lawn or backyard.

Most interesting feature of One Ring Fire Pit is the enchanted markings etched on its black steel chassis. Just like a secret trick in the book, you won’t be able to read the text unless the fire is tossed inside the fireplace. Burning with a blazing fire, the inscription on the fantasy fire pit will start appearing in a similar way it does on One Ring. The glowing font looks absolutely striking when lit up with flames of fire under a starry night.

It would be a great gift for crazy fans of the famous- Lord of the Rings. However, the fire pit will set you back hefty amount of US $500 that is certainly worth its mysterious design.

One Ring Fire Pit

Circular fire pit is perfect for igniting a bonfire

One Ring Fire Pit

Evil enchanted markings are engraved on its metal body

Via: Etsy

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