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U by Moen is app/cloud-based smart shower system

U by Moen is app-connected smart shower system

The stylish bath and kitchen products maker ‘Moen’ has launched U by Moen smart shower system at CES 2017. This Wi-Fi-enabled digital shower connects to your smartphone and allows personalizing the temperature and other settings even before you get up for the bath. The personal device integrations into shower operation give you the ability to control shower preferences. You can personalize temperature and time setting with the companion mobile app remotely or through the digital controller equipped in the bathroom. Also, you can set up particular time periods for those who take extra time in the shower.

Andy Conroy, senior director, wholesale marketing, Moen asks;

As consumers, our desire to be connected is growing every day. Whether it’s connectivity with our home heating and cooling, sound or lighting systems, technology is making it easier than ever to wirelessly control. At Moen, we thought – why not connected water?  How can we improve the overall experience with water by adding the benefit of smart technology?

He further added that this idea inspired Moen to design a connected shower that refines showering experience by letting you configure it directly from a smartphone. It consists of a digital controller and digital valve system that lets you control the water pressure, as well as install it either to two-outlet or four-outlet shower system. A five-inch LCD screen with digital controller unit shows notifications and current status of the shower. The shower valve can withstand temperatures between 60 and 120 degrees and its screen changes color as per rise or fall in the water temperature.   

You can turn on U by Moen from your bed, and as it gets ready, you will be notified with a mild tone. It saves your temperature preferences and utilizes them every time. You can create up to 12 presets with a particular name, greeting, outlets, temperature, shower duration and notifications using the companion smartphone app. In this app-controlled shower system, every bit of data is send using 128-bit encryption to burden off home security concerns.

U by Moen shower also won Beautiful Kitchens & Bath’s 30 Most Innovative Products Award at KBIS 2017. If you like the concept and want to experience the connected shower at your home then, purchase the two-outlet shower system for $1,225 and four-outlet system for $2,265 at Moen.  

U by Moen is app/cloud-based smart shower system

Remotely control U by Moen shower with a smartphone

U by Moen is app/cloud-based smart shower system

Digital controller and LCD display

U by Moen is app/cloud-based smart shower system

The connected shower experience

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