Elecpro Group’s US:E Smart Locks with Fingerprint Scanner & 3D Facial Recognition

Elecpro Group’s US:E Smart Locks with Fingerprint Scanner & 3D Facial Recognition

At the CES 2019, you can catch a glimpse of the US:E smart lock which comes in two variants – a lock with 3D facial recognition and another with fingerprint scanner. Already gaining traction on Kickstarter, the US:E smart lock has the same name for both models, which could change when it’s shipped in May this year.

US:E smart lock features a German B-grade lock cylinder and has a zinc alloy body. According to Elecpro Group, the lock can withstand up to 350,000 open and close cycles.

US:E smart lock that unlocks with face recognition allows users to store 50 faces per lock and has a built-in camera with infrared multipoint 3D recognition which cannot be duped with a photo, the company claims. The model that opens with a fingerprint can save up to 10 fingerprint IDs.

In addition to the core unlock modes – facial recognition and fingerprint scanning – the US:E smart locks can be locked or unlocked in many other ways. Both models can be opened with a physical key, a key fob, using a smartphone, fingerprint scanning, with a password and using the built-in camera.

The list price for fingerprint scanning version is $219 and for the facial recognition lock is $339. You can even score a deal by backing the smart lock on Kickstarter – early bird price – $149 for the password version and $199 for the facial recognition lock.

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