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Useful tips to keep your mobile home cozy this winter

When temperature goes down and hits new lows during winter season, we have a lot of stuff to do. Right from having delicious soups, drinking a lot of hot chocolate and guilt free binge, to making the New Year’s resolution list, watching TV or reading all those books you bought throughout the year. Yes, it’s actually the time most of us treasure and look forward to. However, none of the winter perks listed above would be as appealing, if you do them in a freezing cold mobile home.

Therefore, now is the time to tackle the heating issues, so that you can enjoy all the activities you have been looking forward to this holiday season. However, this problem might seem easy to fix by turning up the radiators and heat, but this can hurt your pocket radically. Although it doesn’t mean you don’t triumph over this problem. So, go through these 10 easy tips that will help you to keep your mobile home warm for no added extra costs.

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Install a central heating timer

Installing a central heating timer is the most preferred way to cut-down your electricity cost. The central heating timer ensures that you do not get hit with exceptionally high electricity bill for warming your mobile home, when the days and nights start getting colder. Generally, a boiler heats up at a constant speed, which eats up maximum electricity and cost your pocket dramatically.

However, if you have a central heating system installed, you can program your boiler according to the weather you are currently in. If it is colder during mornings and nights, you can program your boiler to provide comparatively intense heat during morning and nights than afternoons and evenings. The intensity of heat will automatically reduce during afternoons and evenings, which will result in reduced energy-cost.

How to keep your mobile home warm with central heating timers

Image: Readersdigest

Install draft stoppers

To keep your mobile home warm, it is very important to block all the cold air from entering inside. Usually, with mobile homes, chilly air slips in the house from under the door, and that makes indoor atmosphere colder. To block that chilly air from entering your mobile house, install a couple of draft stoppers. If buying new one is hurting your pocket, make one yourself by rolling up an old blanket, newspaper or any type of fabric. If your room and kitchen’s windows also allow chilly air to get in, install draft stoppers beneath them too.

Keep your mobile home warm with Draft stoppers

Image: Thegreenhead

Install insulated roof

It will take a little more effort, but you can save up to 25% of heating and insulation costs simply by installing insulated roofs for your mobile homes. Steel and hardwood are practically best roofing materials to keep home warm during winters, as they both are thermally efficient and lock heat inside the room. Consider installing sloped roofs, as it allows extra room for insulation in the ceiling of your home.

Keep your mobile home warm with insulated roofs

Image: Completeinsulations

Have a fireplace

What’s better than enjoying togetherness and warmth sitting in front of a fireplace with your family? You must add a small fireplace in your mobile home, as it is cost-efficient, and keeps the entire home warm when it is snowing outside. This idea will also help to cut-off your hefty electricity bills.

Tips to mount TV over Fireplace-1

Image: Mychimney

Install chimney balloon

Having an open chimney is like leaving a window open all the time. If your fireplace isn’t functional and opening, make sure you are installing a chimney balloon over it, made from a special laminate. Installing a chimney balloon is the ideal solution to keep the heat in and the cold out. This will also prevent any unwanted intrusions.

Keep your home warm with chimney Ballon

Image: Ideas4homes

Consider window treatment

Give your windows a perfect treatment to stop entering cold air with shades, blinds draperies and shutters. This will not only offer privacy and décor for your mobile home, but will also help lower your utility bills by reducing energy consumption. It will definitely keep the warm air from escaping the window cracks you might have. Once you’ve installed the window treatments, you can further insulate them by adding thick curtains. You can get curtains with thermal lining at a reasonable cost; plus it will change the aesthetic appeal of the room immediately.

Also consider having a double or triple glazed window for your mobile home as it will maximize sunlight coming in, and prevent heat loss. A good quality glazing can reduce heat loss by almost half. This will considerably lower down your electricity bills, as you can park your mobile home facing the sun during day time.

Moibile home window treatment

Image: MobileHomeDoctor

Have insulated floor

Your floor should be insulated enough to lock the indoor heat. Consider having wooden and cork flooring, as they are energy efficient and stay warm in winters. Also give a thought of covering your floor with woolen or nylon carpets, so that your feet will not feel the cold if you are walking barefoot. Having an insulated floor will surely add warmth and coziness to your space. Moreover, it has an added advantage as it helps in pest control; keeping unwanted animals, plants and fungus from damaging your house on wheels.

Insulated floors to keep mobile home warm

Image: Restorationhardware

Cover your floor with area rugs

Area rugs will not only increase the appeal of your home, but also serve as effective insulators. They will protect your floor from damage and also keep your feet warm. There are a plethora of different designs, shapes and sizes you can choose from; just make sure you get the fuzzy and cozy ones this winter.

Geometric-patterned rugs by Karim Rashid

Image: Karim Rashid

Optimize radiator placement

Avoid placing large pieces of furniture in front of your radiators, at least during the winter months. Those large pieces of furniture will prevent your radiator’s heat from filling the space, and maybe that way you will create a better room layout. Also remember, a shelf above the radiator can channel the warmth better, as a shelf stop the hot air from rising above.

Consider wrapping a tin foil behind of your radiator. By doing this you will prevent unnecessary heat loss. Tin foil prevents the heat from disappearing by reflecting it back into the room. This endeavor will not cost you a lot of money or time either. You can also affix bubble wrap over your glass windows, as it adds a layer of insulation, and not let cold air pass through cracks and holes.


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