A' design Awards and Competition 2017 Furniture category

10 best furniture designs at A’ design awards and competition 2017

The A’ design awards and competition winners of the 2016 – 2017 edition were announced on April 15, 2017. At the competition, there were total 1,958 winners from 98 countries in 97 different design disciplines. The international design accolade unites designers, artists, architects, brands and companies to promote the best designs from their respective categories.

The A’ design awards and competition laureates are recognized under five different levels of distinction: platinum, gold, silver, bronze and iron. Even the winning projects are categorized into different groups, such as spatial design (architecture, and interior, urban and landscape design), communication design (graphics, interaction and marketing design), industrial design (product, appliance, vehicle and machinery design), fashion design (apparel, fashion accessory and footwear design), system design (service design, design strategy, quality & innovation), also the achievements in arts and literature.

We cannot cover more than 1,900 award winning designs in one post, but we have chosen the 10 best designs that are the winner of Furniture, Decorative Items, and Homeware Design Category. To discover the full list of award projects, you may visit the official website.

For now, check out the list of our favorite furniture pieces from A’ design awards and competition 2017:

# Sarma Dining table by Renats Kotlevs – Railis Design

A' design Awards and Competition 2017 Furniture category

The designers were inspired by the beauty and epic history of Iceland to create this wooden dining table. The table is mostly made from reclaimed and solid wood and different metals like copper, brass and bronze are also used for detailing. Sarma dining table elegantly preserves the natural pattern of the unique wood while adding a touch of copper into natural wooden gaps.

# Puff Bench by Milica Maric

A' design Awards and Competition 2017 Furniture category

The Puff Bench is made out of oak and consists of two round seats in the same or different colors. The round seats with cushion connect the wooden part. This bench has four legs – four wooden pillars, and two more to a dead end. The compound legs and wooden panels are of the dark brown plate.

# Yan Stool by Irene Lim

A' design Awards and Competition 2017 Furniture category

‘Yan’ means ‘eye’ in Chinese and this stool has been inspired by the perspective view of kids. Designed in shape of an eyeball, these bright colored stools depict how colorful and wonderful the world is in every kid’s eyes. The Stool is made of acrylic by molding process with upholstered cushion that has high-density foam inside

# Layers Coffee tables by Kajsa Willner

A' design Awards and Competition 2017 Furniture category

Layers Coffee tables are designed to emphasize the importance of re-introduction of the artistic process within production. The table trio is made from two colored sheets of valchromat. Furthermore, CNC machine is used to cut and drill the different table pieces. Later, the pieces are attached through the pre-drilled holes and glued together. These can be used together to form a big coffee table or used separately as small tables.

# Kala Laminated Bamboo Retractable Stool by Chung Sheng Chen

A' design Awards and Competition 2017 Furniture category

The umbrella-shaped design of the stool is inspired by Hakka – one of the largest ethnic groups in Taiwan, where their culture item oil-paper umbrella is considered as a symbol of good luck. The main structure of the frame is made from traditional bamboo sticks. Moreover, the contraction central axis is made by cypress wood for rigidity.

# Experimental Standing Chair by Ariel Levay

A' design Awards and Competition 2017 Furniture category

You may have heard about the harmful effects of sitting the entire day at the office. Therefore, the Experimental Standing Chair has been designed to let you relax your spine while standing. It is made from wood and steel parts are used for junctions to maintain strength and long-term durability. The black matte finish gives elegant look to the furniture design.

# Circle Sitting Unit by Burçak Hazal Coşkuner

A' design Awards and Competition 2017 Furniture category

To promote group work in offices, Circle Sitting Unit has been designed with SAN shell filled with PU. The legs are made from aluminum Legs and PU cushions are covered with fabric. This circular seating unit for offices is focused on two ideas – one is to form modular work spaces, and another one is to bring working and resting areas together.

# Picasso Credenza by G. Rios Furniture & Design

A' design Awards and Competition 2017 Furniture category

Inspired by the perfect strokes of the painter Pablo Picasso, this credenza will be a centerpiece within any living space. It is the result of the combination of Italian machinery and handcrafted finish of professional craftsmen. The Tzalam wood is joined by the technique of mortise and tenon, and further covered with glass panels painted from behind and finally sealed for the final touch.

# Stirrup Reading Couch by MANÎ Diseño estratégico

A' design Awards and Competition 2017 Furniture category

Inspired by the event ‘Cervantes in his death’s IV centenary,’ this couch is completely handmade. Firstly, desired leather is chosen for this couch and later the material is sewed along with embroidered label in which the unit number is shown. Lastly, the puff is filled until the desired consistency is reached.

# Octavo Home Office Desk by Süha Süzen

A' design Awards and Competition 2017 Furniture category

The minimalist yet practical home office desk has a cold-formed sheet metal main frame. Plus, the movable work surface is offered with chipboard, plywood and MDF materials. This piece of furniture is ideal for people living in limited space apartment.

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