10 scarecrow decorations for Halloween fright and fun

10+ Scarecrow Decorations for Halloween Fright and Fun

Probably one of the most lovable yet hated autumn icons is the scarecrow, as it represents celebrations of the autumn harvest season. Traditionally, these realistic crop protectors are used by farmers to keep birds away from crops. So, why not spruce up your front yard with crazy Halloween scarecrow decorations?

Despite their intimidating image, scarecrows aren’t really scary. They add a mix of fright and fun to outdoor Halloween decoration.

Here are a few intriguing scarecrow decoration ideas to get inspiration for making one by yourself.

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# Cornstalk Scarecrow

Using a bundle of cornstalks, you can create a scarecrow for your backyard. But you need to be careful while forming a division between presumed torso and legs. Otherwise, it’ll look like a bundle of hay from a distance. Depending on your preferences you can pick any scarecrow style as shown in the pictures below.

Scary version or the funny DIY Halloween craft with a witch hat, either way, you can use cornstalk to form impressive Halloween decor.

10 scarecrow decorations for Halloween fright and fun

Image: Pinterest

# Spooky Pumpkin Head Scarecrow

If you prefer scary props over decorative ones for Halloween, this is the best DIY scarecrow decor you can try to create by yourself. All you need is a pumpkin for the head, a few wood branches and black mesh clothing to cover arms and torso of the horrifying figure. For a more intensified look, you can add lighting which will make it look even scarier at night.

10 scarecrow decorations for Halloween fright and fun

Image: Pinterest

# Witch-Inspired Scarecrow in Your Yard

For witch-inspired scarecrows, first, you need to form a scarecrow-like figure. After that, you can cover it with black clothes and create a dummy head. Now add a wig or witch hat on the top of the head to form wicked, witch-like form factor. It is a simple and easy way to make a cute as well as scary outdoor Halloween decoration.

10 scarecrow decorations for Halloween fright and fun

Image: Pinterest

# Scarecrow with a Hat

Make a scarecrow using old tree branches, wooden planks, large overcoat, and a hat. After gathering all the materials, you need to secure them in the shape of a massive man-like structure, and finally adorn the woody figure with a coat and a hat.

10 scarecrow decorations for Halloween fright and fun

Image: Pinterest

# DIY Grim Reaper from Wood

Add some haunt into your backyard with Grim Reaper scarecrow that can be made using wood pieces. Its hands and feet are made out of wire coat hangers, paper towels and duct tape. A carved pumpkin is used as its head.

DIY scarecrow halloween decoration

Image: Grim Hollow Haunt

# Biking Figure with Classic Scarecrow Hat

The pictures below show a neatly formed biking scarecrow figure and another one, a creepily disfigured man-like structure on a bike. With a ghastly figure seeming to ride a bike outside your house, you can catch your neighbors by surprise. You can create one of these to make your outdoor Halloween decoration exciting and cool. But don’t forget to embellish this figure with a classic straw hat to complete the disguise.

10 scarecrow decorations for Halloween fright and fun

Image: Pinterest

# Complete Scarecrow Family

If you’re celebrating Halloween with your family, then this complete clan of scarecrows is the best Halloween decor you can make this year. The husband wears a checked shirt and jeans, wife sports a floral dress, whereas the kid is dressed up smartly in a jumpsuit.

Well, that’s exactly what a traditional farmer’s family used to look like.

10 scarecrow decorations for Halloween fright and fun

Image: Pinterest

# Skeleton-Inspired Scarecrow

Add some horrifying elements to your outdoor Halloween décor with this skeleton-inspired scarecrow structure. It features a giant ribcage that’s supported by wooden planks and old tree branches. The scary effect is enhanced with the monstrous carved pumpkin head. Pretty scary, isn’t it?

10 scarecrow decorations for Halloween fright and fun

Image: Pinterest

# Scarecrow with a Metalhead

You can create a scarecrow with a metal head instead of making wooden face-sculptures. It will add a little industrial appeal to your backyard. In case you want to go for the complete metal scarecrow, then you can do that with unused steel materials.

10 scarecrow decorations for Halloween fright and fun

Image: Pinterest

# Zombie Scarecrow

Give a zombie-like appearance to your scarecrow for a ghastly appeal. You can create this grim scarecrow using old clothes, wooden planks, a scary mask, and a wig. It will not only scare off little birdies in your lawn but also frighten trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

10 scarecrow decorations for Halloween fright and fun

Image: Pinterest

# Pallet Scarecrow

If you have spare pallet wood pieces at home, you can turn them into amusing scarecrow decorations for Halloween. You need to attach 3-4 pieces side by side touching each other, paint on it a cute face and it is ready to be placed at the front door.

Pallet scarecrow

Image: 4 The Love of Family

# SpongeBob Scarecrow

Decorate your front yard with a cute scarecrow in the shape of the famous fictional character SpongeBob. Just grab some hay bale and a themed costume to make it. Place it in your garden or on the fence for spying passersby.

SpongeBob scarecrow

Image: Instagram @kawainwright

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# Pothead Scarecrow

Don’t want to use traditional pumpkin head on a scarecrow? Instead of a pumpkin, you can use a flower pot to create an unusual head for your Halloween scarecrow. Take a wooden plank, place a flowerpot upside down on the plank and finally embellish the pot with a straw hat, flowery eyes, and a mouth-shaped with a grain plant.

10 scarecrow decorations for Halloween fright and fun

Image: David Beaulieu

# Tin Can Scarecrow

If you have lots of tin cans at home, you can use them to make a Halloween scarecrow. You need to remove the label and paint them in the desired color. Secure them up with a metal wire into a human-like structure. You need to paint a face on the can used as the head of this unique scarecrow.

DIY Tin Can Scarecrow

Image: Crafty Imaginings

These Halloween scarecrow decorations include both elegant and eerie DIYs. You can pick any one of them as per your preference and enjoy the October 31st in full spirit. Feel free to share your valuable thoughts!

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