Every year for Halloween people get spooky and decorate their homes with carved pumpkins or other ghastly decorations. Halloween theme doesn’t necessarily have to be scary, you can decorate your home in different themes instead of the usual skulls and skeletons! There are numerous ways to prepare your yard for the Halloween celebration but if you’re looking for unusual Halloween yard display ideas, here are some for your inspiration below.

Star Wars-Inspired Halloween Yard Display will Put Your Neighbors to Shame

Image: Toothpick World

AT-AT Walker for Halloween Yard Display

Image: Facebook

UFO Crashed in Your Backyard. An Alien Succumbed to Injuries!

Image: Pinterest

Area 51 Display in Backyard

Image: Kristin Murphy/Deseret News

Transformers Guards Would Attract Mob to Your House

Image: Pinterest

Frankenstein’s Lab will Freak out Neighborhood Kids

Image: Pinterest

Ghosts of Train Crash on a Halloween Haunt

Image: Socal Halloween

Zombies are Invading Your Home, and Plants are on Your Side!

Image: Reddit

Last Ride of The School Bus

Image: Viralscape

Ghostbusters in Your Front Yard

Image: 9gag

Pokemon-Themed Halloween Yard Display

Image: Reddit

Pirate Ship Seen in Backyard

Image: Stan Munro

Vietnam War-Inspired Halloween Yard Display

Image: Pinterest

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Giant Dragon on the Roof

Image: MassLive

Virus Outbreak Scene

Image: Reddit

Dragon Skeleton Halloween Yard Display

Image: Stan Munro

Decorating with Carved Pumpkins is a Cool Idea Still!

Image: Parade

Pumpkin Fairy Garden will Please Kids

Image: Adventure In A Box

Dog Turns into Vicious Flesh Eater

Image: Pinterest

Watch out! There is a Zombie Stuck in Tree.

Man Hangs Himself in Yard. Gruesome, Yes!

Image: Reddit

Hopefully, these Halloween yard displays will inspire your festivities and offer a great surprise element to your guests. Do you have any more geeky house themes for Halloween? Feel free to share them with us.

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