100BIO Biodegradable Foam Food Container

100BIO: World’s first 100% biodegradable foam food containers

Modern day consumers are well aware of the negative impact of plastic on environment. That’s why lot of initiatives are being made to create biodegradable packaging so that they don’t harm our planet when dumped into landfills. Another compostable creation is 100BIO, 100-percent biodegradable foam food containers by Tag Packaging.

These foam containers are made from Ingeo, a renowned brand name for a range of polylactic acid (PLA) biopolymers owned by NatureWorks. Ingeo is basically a sugar-based biodegradable bioplastic that has been sourced from corn or sugarcane materials. The entire food packaging collection consists of total 16 items that include compostable cups, sushi trays and clamshells.

The 100BIO food containers are designed to reduce carbon footprint as no harsh chemicals, carcinogens or heavy metals are used in its manufacturing process. So, it is going to provide eco-friendly lunch packaging or packaging of baking goods.

While we are fighting against pollutants each day to save our green planet, it is really good to see eco-innovations like 100BIO consumer packaged goods in market. These biodegradable food containers are perfect to keep food fresh for longer duration, as well as reduce carbon footprint in environment.

Via: PRNewsWire

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