1227 giant floor lamp byAnglepoise

1227 giant floor lamp by Anglepoise is a triple-sized version of Original 1227

To celebrate the 70th birthday of Original 1227 lamp, the iconic British brand Anglepoise, has created a triple-sized version of the lamp, which was originally designed by George Carwardine back in 1934.

Initially only four lamps were produced, out of which, one was auctioned and purchased by film director Tim Burton who used it in movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But now the company is selling an updated rendition of Original 1227 lamp, which has an anthropomorphic charm.

Fabricated with aluminum arms and joints, aluminum shade and stainless fittings, the eight-feet tall floor lamp comes with dimmable halogen bulb already fitted in it. Powder coated to achieve finished and clean look, the lamp comes in various delicious and vibrant colors like red, yellow and fresh green.

Designed to make a statement, the lamp is also used by Disney Pixar to give opening credit to the films. The giant lamps available in both indoor and outdoor versions are handmade in Britain. Priced at £2,400 (approx. $3394), the 1227 giant floor lamp offers functionality, while adding uniqueness and individual style into interiors, while enlightening the complete room.

1227 giant floor lamp byAnglepoise

Eight feet tall lamp is handmade in Britain

1227 giant floor lamp byAnglepoise

The lamp is available in three delicious and vibrant color


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