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14 Ways to Re-purpose Old Guitar to Spice up Your Home Décor

Don’t remember the last time I played my guitar. It has been lying there uselessly with broken strings that I haven’t cared to mend for years. But the guitar is very close to my heart, and like it is with most of you out there, I wouldn’t trade it off for anything. While wondering what can be done with the guitar or how I can repurpose it, I came across a host of nifty ideas.

Just because I liked the clever ways, I thought it would be fitting to share them with you. Without adieu then, here are pictures of how you can spice up your home décor by repurposing your old guitar.

# Use it as a planter 

Guitar planter

# Create the coolest Aquarium out there

Guitar aquarium

# Make a bookshelf to showcase your collection in style 

Guitar bookshelf

# Sport it as a wall clock with DIY skills

Guitar clock

# Use the fret as a wall hanger

Guitar coat hanger

# Use it as a decorative lamp

Guitar floor lamp

# A stand for your candle holder 

Guitar lamp

# Lighting display that’ll liven up your living room 

Guitar LED light

# Turn it into a jewelry cabinet

Guitar shelf

# A guitar lamp will light up your life

Guitar table lamp

# A toilet seat cover perhaps

Guitar toilet seat cover

# A pendulum clock will turn eyeballs 

Guitar wall clock

# Use it as a wall decor shelf 

Guitar wall shelf

# Maybe a Christmas Tree 

Guitar christmas tree

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