$15,000 Steampunk Coffee Machine from Alpha Dominche

Steampunk Coffee Machine by Alpha Dominche

Everyone loves a sip of well brewed Joe. This is why various designers are coming up with new and innovative coffee machines integrating modern brewing techniques to make a perfect cup of coffee. The Steampunk, a $15,000 coffee maker by Alpha Dominche is one of them. This is a full-immersion coffee machine that can recreate almost every sort of brewing process that involves human interaction like a French press, vacuum pot, pour-over or even siphon brewing technique. It is a first-of-its-kind for the industry and made its worldwide debut at the La Colombe cafe at Dilworth Plaza in US.

The Steampunk coffee machine has won various awards for bringing revolution in the brewing process. The advanced controls of the coffee machine let the baristas to select the specific brewing parameters for every cup and therefore offering particular flavor of coffee required in just two minutes.

Steampunk Coffee Machine by Alpha Dominche

steampunk coffee machine

Take a look at the video below to see the Steampunk in action:

Via: Philly

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