1923 Piano in Los Angeles Now Attracts Drink Lovers

A 1923 piano in Los Angeles (originally owned by Gulbransen) now functions as a bar, yes you heard that right. It is draped in nearly 2,000 fused glass tiles and is handmade by an award-winning artist Gina Michel. Most of its tiles depict famous pianists like Elton John, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Victor Borge, Liberace, Mozart and many more.

Front door panel of the piano contains small cubbies to store wine bottles, barware items and a rack that holds the glasses in style. The keyboard functions as a tabletop and is covered with thick glass, so customers in the bar can set their drinks and snacks on it. Small brass rolls facilitate the easy movement of the piano bar as well as adds another feature to it.

This $ 33,000, Piano Bar is a great piece for art lovers and musicians. It for sure will serve as a wonderful display in a restaurant, bar, pool house or in someone’s living room. 

Piano bar by Gina Michel

Front door panel of the piano contains small cubbies

Piano bar by Gina Michel

Keyboard covered with thick glass acts as the tabletop

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