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$2.8M waterfront house

$2.8M waterfront house combines Colonial style with Modern architecture


While we are witness to the Colonial style architecture of the above-pictured 1983 waterfront house in Old Lyme, Connecticut; there is something more to the structure than meets the eye. This is because the Victorian credentials of the front facade are remarkably transformed into a wonderland of modernism, once we move inside the building. Comprising of high glass windows with a minimalist undertone of white walls, the $2.8 million beach house alludes to the rationalist style made famous by Richard Meier in the 20th century

Beyond their application as aesthetic elements, the glass windows and facades provide sweeping views of the Long Island. Moreover, the glass doors also allow easy access to the backyard deck, which in turn acts as the main circulation focal point of the entire beach house. This is because the deck has direct access to the backyard swimming pool, which gives way to a large lawn. This lawn ultimately borders the beach, thus connecting the sea front with the house’s 1.9 acre compound.

Finally coming to the user oriented zones of the waterfront house, the 4,020 sq ft interior space features four bedrooms, four bathrooms, updated kitchen utilities and a few balconies offering good vantage points. They are complemented by specialized outdoor areas like a complete driveway, underground parking and a pair of garages. For more buying details, please visit Sotheby’s International Realty.

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