$2 Million Batman Home Theater by Elite Home Theater Seating

There are millions of Batman fans out there. The release of Dark Knight Rises added a few more to it and the chain undoubtedly seems unstoppable. Many of them watch the same movie over and over again to express love for their superhero. But, have you ever thought of watching a movie inside your living room or basement having the essence of Batcave? Yes! The team over at Elite Home Theater Seating has designed a Batman-inspired home cinema that perfectly blends luxury and coziness of Wayne Manor with Art Deco styling of Gotham City.

A beautiful set-up commissioned by a US-based Batman fan for his private mansion consists of everything that a wealthy Batman-obsessed fanatic would look for. For example, the luxury home theater has a robust Batmobile parked inside the theater, batsuits, an array of collectible figurines, a big screen and a private elevator with a glowing bat symbol.

And yes, not to forget, a giant gothic fireplace and racing car-inspired theater seats allowing 12 people to watch their favorite crime-fighting hero protecting the Gotham city from terror attacks.

The idea is certainly perfect to catch up some hot action on the large screen while sitting in the basement, but the huge price tag of $2 million which is justified for such an amazing setup, gives us hiccups.

Via: UberGizmo/Gizmodo

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