26 unique swings you'd want in your backyard

26 Unique Swings You’d Want in Your Backyard

Swings are enjoyed by people of all ages for that hint of an adrenaline rush. After all, everyone has beautiful memories of swinging in the backyard. In the past, swings were built with wooden boards, ropes or chains. Over time, swing designs have evolved into more creative and interesting art objects that encourage people of all ages to indulge in the playful outdoor activity. The latest swings use materials like transparent acrylic sheets, illuminating ropes, LEDs, etc. to create beautiful, playful designs.

Parks and gardens are places where people gather, share laughter and push each other harder to glide higher on a swing. Young people snap selfies with their smiling faces, turning the place into a paradise of happiness.

Here are some examples of awesome swing designs that have the potential to turn any backyard into a happening and more enjoyable place.

Sense light swing is a moving light fixture that works in large spaces. It is made and designed by Alexander Lervik. The Sense light swing was created by Alexander in 2005 as a part of “Five Playful Chairs” project.

# Illuminated ring-shaped swings by Höweler + Yoon Architecture at The Lawn D in Boston are regulated by custom microcontrollers that signal their activity levels. 

# Illuminating musical swing installed in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado comprises of illuminated panels that also trigger audible tones to harmonize as people swing. As more and more people join in the act of swinging, it turns into a randomly improvised melody and light show.

# The Waterfall swing is an intelligent swing with built-in mechanical water jets (solenoids) that create a shower line in the path of the swinger.

# This swing is a 2007 kinetic sculpture by musician, artist and photographer Su-Mei Tse. It’s made of white neon tubes and controlled by a motor embedded in the ceiling.

# Double happiness billboard swing set designed by Dider Faustino is made out of the advertising billboard for the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Bi-City Biennial of Urbanism and Architecture.

# This illuminating swing from BCXSY comprises three main elements: polyethylene, synthetic rope, and rechargeable LED light. The swing lamp creates a comforting ambiance through lighting and movement.

Homemade 360- swing by Colin Furze to impress his son, flies all the way around, instead of moving back-and-forth like any other conventional swings. The huge DIY swing goes 360-degrees to give the rider a serious dizzying effect.

Thor Ter Kulve has created a portable swing that can be easily hung from a tree or pole to bring the fun back to dull urban spaces.

Autumn Leaf swing is made from aluminum for both indoor and outdoor use. It supports more than 200 kg of weight and is suitable for all weather conditions.

# This LED tree swing is designed by Spanish designer Gonzalez Garrido. The glowing swing is so cool that your kids will get fascinated to take a swing even when it’s pitch dark outside. The swing comes with a remote control to change colors and add flashing effect.

# This eye-catchy swing designed by Lionel Dean is comfortable and ideal for relaxation at home or office. It is beautifully knitted to offer comfort, without losing aesthetics.

# The swing design is specially made for people who want to satisfy the urge to be a kid again or overcome their irrational fear of swinging.

# This cushion swing is designed by Mariel Vanbremeersch who runs a French label Baleine rouge. The way she sees everyday things and transforms them with the “Mariel” touch is amazing. Every detail, small or large, makes her designs a wonderful piece of art.


# This unusual swing is designed by Christiania Fesmir as a part of her graduation project which she made after her research about the anatomical study on the human coccyx. She wanted to create a real sense of beauty and livability, thus ending up making this.

# This one by SwingLab is a modular porch swing that offers a modern appeal with form and functionality to your porch. Its lightweight aluminum frame has movable parts so that you can create a variety of seating options.

# Droog is an indoor/outdoor swing whose seat edges can be filled with plants. There is space on the siting board where you can plant some seeds in the soil pockets and watch the vines grow up the ropes to make it look like it has always been hanging from a tree.

# The swing by Rafa-kids is a playful swing that is designed for kids. It is made of birch with an extra layer of lacquer. The swing can be used indoor as well as outdoors since the minimalist design makes it is easy to hang anywhere.

# As the name suggests, the butterfly swing is made in the shape of a butterfly. Made out of aluminum and cut using waterjet with smooth edges to look beautiful, it is tailormade for those who are young at heart.

# The indoor/outdoor swing by Bob and Cortney Novogratz for CB2 is inspired by the family’s vacation home in Trancoso, Brazil. It can be hung anywhere in your home as it captures the country’s colorful vibe and the colorful netting makes you feel like Brazil is not that far away. 

# Rustic double swing is inspired by the traditional rope swings and it is best for siblings who always fight for their turn.

# They say, “you don’t lose your swing because you grow old. You grow old because you lose your swing.” The Swing Time in red rope and beech veneer with rubber varnish aptly conveys this emotion.

# The Groot swing is made out of a mix of metal tubing, molding foam, and rope to bring Guardians of the Galaxy theme to your backyard. This incredible swing took about two weeks to build.

# Nolita swing is a sculpture with a touch of rock and folk created using daily objects like the rope. The swing is made of powder-coated steel sheet that makes it suitable for outdoors. Each piece is hand-woven and is available in a variety of colors.

# Handmade Indoor luxury swing is unique and adjustable rigging hardware made of walnut wood, white leather and polished with lacquer. This is a perfect fit for luxury interiors.

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