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2Onde chaise lounge by Giorgio Caporaso

2Onde chaise lounge by Giorgio Caporaso is made from cardboard

2Onde chaise lounge by Giorgio Caporaso

The chaise lounge pictured above called the 2Onde is a glamorous piece of furniture with a modern design that can provide you comfort of a recliner inside your living room. This elegant furniture piece is dynamic in its lines and shape. Eco-designer Giorgio Caporaso has made use of 100% recyclable honeycomb cardboard panels in order to compensate with the demand of eco-friendly products. This chaise lounge is also available in FSC certified wood.

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The designer has made use of cardboard as the main material not only because of its green characteristic but also flexibility it offers to give his furniture object the required shape and style. The design is versatile and captivating that lets you decorate your interiors as well as exterior in a green way. 2Onde is more like a functional piece of furniture as it has small openings underneath offering storage for cushions, magazines, towels, and all other stuff that you want to be handy. Also, the modular system doesn’t require high maintenance cost as damaged element can be easily removed and recycled. You can also customize the 2Onde chaise lounge with your preferred features, colors, fabric of upholsters etc.

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