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3-B bottle

3-B Printing process for promoting Highlander Honey Whiskey

 3-B bottle

We all are familiar with the 3D printing, but 3-B printing is quite a new term for us. 3-B printing was actually a name given to the project developed by whisky brand Dewar’s. They collaborated with The Ebeling Group and Sid Lee Creative Studio  for their 3-B printing project in order to launch their new Highlander Honey Whiskey. Their project resulted in the creation of a beautiful bottle shaped honey comb made by natural bees. This bottle shaped sculpture was a fascinating way to promote the brand’s recent launch.

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In their project they placed a total of 80,000 highlander honey bees inside a clear plastic bottle shaped vessel where the bees got busy with their usual work of making a honeycomb. However, a prototype of the natural environment was initially provided to the highlander bees to collect nectar and pollen that are used by them to make honey (one of the main ingredients of the Highlander Honey Whiskey).

After the beehive was fully created, the plastic vessel was carefully removed and the result was a splendid golden sculpture of the Highlander Honey Whiskey’s bottle. This 3-B printed beehive project was although used just for the promotion of the Dewar’s new product, but this entire process was really commendable. The process for creating a bottle shaped hive was not only quite innovative and natural, but also was a little terrifying. This entire process took a duration of six weeks to complete. Check out the video below to see how the Dewar’s Highlander Honey bees build a real sculpture out of natural honeycomb:

Via: Foodbeast

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