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Chained Coffee Table by 4Rest

30-year-old pinewood and old chains put together to form a coffee table

Upcycling old items into new ones is the hottest trend around the world. Everyday we come across amazing upcycled products that give us an opportunity to furnish our homes with latest decor objects built using old stuff lying in our backyard.

With the same vision and passion for upcycling, Polish husband-wife duo, Tyśka Lewandowska and Peter Łańcucki, has created a coffee table from upcycled wood and old hoist chains. Dubbed Chained Table, the elegant and hip coffee table blends two extremely different elements into one, creating an exceptional piece of furniture. According to Tyśka, chain was collected from a nearby metal junkyard, while the old pinewood rafters and purlins were collected from a demolished depot building.

To achieve desired look, 15 wood planks were glued, plained, and sanded together. Cavity was made at each end of the sanded wood piece to fill in with a sturdy pair of legs made from welded steel hoist chain eyelets. The legs are capable of holding up to 170 kg of weight. The chain legs are polished with anti-corrosion paint after fitting into the table.

Highlighting the amazing colors of 30-year-old wood, the coffee table, which is an original work of 4Rest – a home decor company founded by the couple to fuel their passion for upcycling and transforming old items into functional and timeless pieces, is a unique piece of furniture that brings rustic essence to your living room.

Chained Coffee Table by 4Rest

Coffee table made from upcycled wood and steel hoist chains

Chained Coffee Table by 4Rest

15 planks are glued and plained together, while each chain eyelet is welded

Chained Coffee Table by 4Rest

Welded and polished chain is fitted into the table

Chained Coffee Table by 4Rest

Chained coffee table blends both elements very beautifully

Chained Coffee Table by 4Rest

The table highlights amazing colors of 30-year-old wood

Chained Coffee Table by 4Rest

Tyśka Lewandowska and Peter Łańcucki, makers of the Chained coffee table

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