3D Printed Blooming Lamp Adds Elegance to Your Home Décor

Christmas is that time of the year when everyone loves decorating their home with wreaths, garlands and decorative lights. When it comes to lighting, lamps are the best choice for indoor decoration, and what better than a 3D printed lamp? Thingiverse user Emmett Lalish has designed and printed a 3D printed lamp dubbed the Blooming Lamp.

Printed using Makerbot Replicator 1 in PLA at 120 mm/s using the Sailfish firmware, Emmett has designed and created the Blooming Lamp in two units – the stand and the lamp. The Lamp has an origami-type structure that blooms like a real flower.

The Blooming lamp comprises of 14 interlocking pieces all printed at once. When the lamp is pulled on top, it blooms like a flower with 14 petals opening up to reveal more light. The Blooming Lamp designed as an entry for ProtoParadigm’s Winter Wonderland Contest, is made in two models the Lamp_Opaque in black color and the Lamp_Translucent in green color.

Unlike the Lamp_Opaque, Lamp_Translucent is made from a thinner, solid inner surface instead of grillwork, which acts as a light diffuser in translucent plastic. To make sure that the heat from the bulb doesn’t melt the printed plastic, Emmette has used a 3.8W 200 lumen LED bulb in the Blooming Lamp.

Via: Thingiverse/3Ders

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