Self-watering planters

3D-printed self-watering planter for modernist aesthetics

California-based designer Jonathan Odon of Roundhead has created an intriguing minimal decor item that allows one to grow and live green without worrying about plants. Popularly known as JON-A-TRON, Odon is a full-time designer at Instructables Design Studio. He fabricated a 3D-printed self-watering planter which avoids the risk and danger of over and under watering the house plants.

We have already showcased many self-watering planters that come with mini herbs, but Odon’s 3D-printed planter offer more freedom to grow plant of your own choice. Giving you freedom to print one for yourself, watertight planter pot can be easily built with the help of a 3D printer.

TO keep it simple, round-shaped planter includes a basin that keeps standing water, a cup with perforated button that stays submerged in water and a spout to keep water from spilling, whenever you fill the pot.

Ideal to hold a three-inch plant, design of the planter keeps the soil moist without drowning it roots in water, hence providing the right amount of water needed for plants to keep the plant healthy. Easy to assemble, once planter parts are printed, just insert the cup and the spout and you are ready to grow a small, beautiful plant indoors.

Designed in Fusion 360, Odon says it’s easy to create complex geometry with 3D printing. So, if you also want to bring greenery in your living space, JON-A-TRON has provided the Dremel file and STLs on his instructables account for download.

Highly suitable for people living in compact spaces, the little self-watering planter can keep the plants healthy and alive for longer period without much care.

Self-watering planters

Planter including basin, cup with perforated base and as spout

Self-watering planters

Ideal for 3-inch plants

Self-watering planters

3D-printed  self-watering planter created by JON-A-TRON

Self-watering planters

Diagram of 3D printed self-watering planter


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