4 Earthquake-Proof Beds That’ll Help You Survive When Earth Shakes

Do you live in an earthquake-prone region? So, it would be better to invest in some safety for protecting your home and family members. There are few quake-resistant devices to protect your home from devastating tremors but what if high Richter scale earthquake hits your home at night? Being crushed to death in sleep is certainly the worst thing. However, some creative inventors have designed few useful beds that can protect the sleepers from falling earthquake debris.

Here are four clever earthquake-proof beds that can seal the user inside a protective box or shield at the time of tremors. Moreover, enough food and water supplies will be provided until a rescue team arrives.

# Metrofarm quake-resistant bed

4 earthquake-proof beds help you survive when earth shakes

Chinese inventor Wang Wenxi has designed this bed for Metrofarm to act as a strongbox in case of high Richter earthquake. It can cocoon you inside, with a board sliding over the top of the bed’s arms to protect you from debris. The cupboards can store water, tools such as a hammer to get out, and even tinned food should someone be trapped there for days.

# Earthquake-proof bed turns into a metal box

4 earthquake-proof beds help you survive when earth shakes

This is the improved version of Wang Wenxi’s original quake-resistant bed. This one turns into a metal box when a strong quake strikes. The bed is embedded with few sensors that on detecting the foreshocks fold the mattress down along with the sleeper into its box-shaped metal body. The comfy metal coffin hides a storage space with sufficient supply of food, fresh water, oxygen cylinder and other materials that are needed to keep the user alive while waiting for help.

# Good luck bed

4 earthquake-proof beds help you survive when earth shakes

Developed by Shinko Industries Wood Luck, the Good luck bed is created to bring to real luck at the time of an earthquake. It is made from cypress wood that is known for its strength. This means the bed can take up to 65-tonnes of load when the world around is shattering down. It will provide you the needed shelter and keep you safe even when the most devastating shocks hit your house.

# Earthquake bed

4 earthquake-proof beds help you survive when earth shakes

Liyang Zhengxiang Precision Machinery Co., has created this anti-earthquake bed that rings its auto-alarm when tremor reaches a certain intensity. When the bed detects the trembler, the sleeping platform drops the sleepers inside. The joint bites into each other in dental pattern and shapes a triangle in order to gain strength and anti-impingement capability. This bed also has plenty of food and water supplies for the inhabitants. Moreover, a small door helps them to rescue after the shocks.

Well, these were some of the unusually amazing earthquake-resistant beds that can help you survive disastrous earthquakes. Some of you may doubt their potential and design. But it’s better than being crushed, right?

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