42tea Connected Cube

42tea connected cube helps you master the perfect tea brewing

Tea is one of the favorite beverages of most people throughout the world, but still, it’s difficult to brew a perfect cup of tea at home. This is because one cannot analyze what’s the right dosage of loose leaves and the exact time for brewing. Here enters the 42tea connected cube.

This tiny device is designed to help tea drinkers to get a perfectly brewed cup of tea. Compatible with more than 1,500 varieties of tea, the connected device with an accompanying app is able to guides the users through each step of tea preparation.

It enables users to know just how much tea to use, what temperature the water needs to be boiled and how long tea leaves need to be steeped. Besides focusing on correct dosage, temperature and brewing time, 42tea also allows users to personalize their beverage for more appealing taste. This means one can prepare their favorite tea, be it lemon ginger tea or green tea, without it tasting too strong.

The 36mm by 36mm cube can fit into any size kettle. Once it’s placed inside a kettle, you need to add appropriate water into it. After that, the app takes over to notify the user when it reaches its ideal brewing time.

42tea is currently being funded as part of a Kickstarter campaign. A pledge for $61 or more will help you get the Tea 4-2 Pack along with the 42tea cube, and it is expected to ship anywhere in the world this December.

42tea Connected Cube

42tea Connected Cube

42tea Connected Cube

Tiny device helps you make a perfect cup of tea

42tea Connected Cube

It can be connected to your smartphone via its companion app or Bluetooth

42tea Connected Cube

It can fit into any size kettle

Via: TechTimes

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