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Levitating CUP – Floating drinkware for the elite class

We all like levitating things; whether it is a magician floating in the air or some gadget floating magically in the air. Lately we have seen quite a few levitating home décor objects, and on the same lines we have another interesting levitating home accessory. Just like Oak Bottle’s Levitating Cocktail Glass that we saw last month, this gravity defying drinkware is fascinating. Currently up on Kickstarter, the Levitating CUP by Joel Paglione will make any party at your home, a thing to remember for the guests. Just imagine somebody getting awe-struck by the sight of a levitating glass full of beer!

The levitation comes courtesy electromagnetic field between the base and magnets on the bottom of glassware. Even if the base is covered by a cloth, the field is strong enough to hold the glass in air. This project is doing quite well on Kickstarter and in all likelihood it will get past the funding goal.

Levitation CUP early bird package comes for a minimum of $179 for the wired base and a shatterproof tumbler. The price keeps getting higher as you choose more exquisite glassware on offer. This cool levitating drinkware is all set to ship in October 2016, provided the funding goal is surpassed in the next 10 days.

Levitating CUP floating drinkware

Levitating CUP floating drinkware

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