4th Dimension Concrete Desk Clock Symbolizes the Whims of Time

The very nature of time is intangible in the sense that it can’t be controlled. Yet, over the years, clocks and other mechanisms have been invented to understand the scope of time and measure it according to ‘Human’ standards. In fact, our modern day living is controlled by the fourth dimension – ‘time is money’, ‘timetables for work’, ‘estimated time for a project’ and so on. But hours, minutes and seconds are mere instruments that help us to gauge the flow of time, not define it. Designers Sean Yu and Yiting Chen have taken this irony of modern times to sculptural heights with their 4th Dimension Desk Clock.

In terms of symbolism, the kinetic sculpture showcases a staircase like form that alludes to the hours, minutes and seconds we need to climb for our daily routine. These steps are reached by the three steel crafted clock hands that represent the three measurements of time.

This entire arrangement of the 4th Dimension Desk Clock is housed within a circular enclosure made intentionally from concrete. Why intentionally? Well, the combination of steel and concrete does symbolize our modern urban setting, where our schedules are dictated by the whims of time.

In practical terms, the high-density concrete also endows a degree of solidity to the clock design. This sturdy nature is complemented by the minimalist curved facade of the circular enclosure, which accentuates the focus on the symbolic quality of the conception, rather than its aesthetic character.

As for pricing, the 4th Dimension Desk Clock will set you back by $145. There is also another $240 variant of the model with slightly larger dimensions and use of concrete with Schmidt refill 888F.

Dimensions – 5.9-inches x 0.33-inch (for the $145 model).

For more buying details, please refer to AC Gears product page.

4th Dimension Desk Clock

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