5 practical ways to reclaim privacy at home from prying eyes

Privacy is important to everyone, as it allows us time to be by ourselves and do things we do away from prying eyes. But when one has nosy neighbors, things can get a bit tricky. Home is where privacy is expected to be plentiful, and with the wrong housing setup, your neighbors might be able to look directly into your house through your windows, so what can you do? If blinds are missing, you can always installs blinds or awnings of good quality. And if the problem is more persistent and intrusive, moving is always an option. However there are practical ways to reclaim your privacy at home, and we have five of them right here.

Plants and trees


Planting trees and other tall plants around the boundary of your garden and house can offer a significant amount of visual blockage, as well as providing natural shading for your abode. A significant wait is usually to be expected with trees, but hedges and other bushier plants can be brought in larger sizes immediately, so all options should be explored. The other benefit that can be gained from plants is their natural look and feel, making your yard technically walled-off and naturally beautiful.



Blinds are immediate solution for anyone with privacy issues, but most houses do have indoor blinds already installed. Outdoor blinds can also help, as they allow light inside the house but block the viewing of your intrusive neighbor. Not only that, but they also protect your windows from hailstones and strong winds, and allow for more shade in the summer, making them an all-round good choice.



Building up a fence around the perimeter of your yard is a good way to immediately get coverage for your indoor and outdoor activities, and a good fence can also offer security for your household, as well as places to hang planters and other garden-related trinkets. Fences also offer protection from view of the street, and restrict any passers-by to the view of your brand new fence instead of your windows and your rooms.

Window Treatments


Perhaps having your inner privacy blinds are enough for you, but in the event that they aren’t, there are always more options. Frosting your windows, for instance, is a great way to let enough amount of natural light in but keep out peeping eyes, and can be especially aesthetically pleasing in a bathroom setting. A good frosted window will allow you to relax in the tub without the worry of a neighbor catching a glimpse.

Shade Sails


Finally, shade sails are an enticing modern option as well. Setting up shade sails on an angled yard can provide total coverage from a neighbor’s sight and offers shade for your lounging on hot days on the grass. As they anchor to several points, you can have them purposefully set up for maximum privacy. As an added bonus, they also keep the harmful UV rays off of your lawn, meaning those scorching summers won’t decimate your green grass anymore.

Privacy issues can be a thing of the past when these steps are followed. Some take longer than others, but all of them are very effective in the pursuit of privacy, and combining these into one long-term game plan can make for a house that is not only private, but functional, beautiful, and secure all at the times.

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  • 5 practical ways to reclaim privacy at home from prying eyes

    Privacy is important to everyone, as it allows us time to be by ourselves and do things we do away from ...
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