ZYP-ZYP Tape Dispenser

ZYP-ZYP Tape Dispenser eliminates your search for the roll’s end

Designer Pascal Heiler has created minimalist ZYP-ZYP Tape Dispenser to eliminate your search for the end of the tape on a roll. This whistle-shaped tiny device is quite smaller than a traditional tape dispenser, but its clever design makes it more efficient than any tape dispenser you’ll find in the market.

Clear tape is one of the most annoying office and household item, as it takes forever to find out the loose end of the roll. When you’ve managed to figure it out, sometimes your fingernails can tear the tape to shreds. Urghhhh. We all have gone through the frustration.

But ZYP-ZYP promises to end the problem and you no more have to fiddle with rolls of tape. Made from Niclafor, a copper-nickel-tin alloy, this tape dispenser is crafted with centrifugal casting technique and finished by hand. The whistle-like design of the tape leverages on the tape itself to keep it in position.

The rocking tape dispenser requires a swift downward push to reveal the tape end so that you can easily pull out whatever length you require from the given slot. Now take the required amount of tape over a slicing jaw on the other end to truncate it.

Although the tiny device seems a bit challenging to use compared to traditional tape dispensers. But after watching the video given below, you’ll find out that there’s no difficulty in using ZYP-ZYP tape dispenser.

You need to spend €24 (approx. US $27) for purchasing this little guy.

ZYP-ZYP Tape Dispenser

Whistle-shaped tape dispenser

ZYP-ZYP Tape Dispenser

It can easily stack over the tape’s roll

ZYP-ZYP Tape Dispenser

It requires a swift downward push to reveal the tape

Via: Design-Milk

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