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6 Awesome Ways to Bring Your Garden to Life Using Trees

If you have a huge garden in your home, and you’re looking for ways to enhance it, you’re definitely going to love what we are about to tell you. Trees are wonderful additions to any garden, as they add a touch of warmth and freshness to your patio. There are varieties of trees available in the market that you can utilize to decorate your garden, but the ones that stand out are old rugged ones.

Something is truly majestic about mature trees, which makes them so desirable. There are a lot of ways to use them in improving the garden, but for now, we have a few amazing ideas that you can utilize in creating a stunning backyard with some practical utility. These ideas will hopefully inspire you to add more trees to your home.

Create an attractive windbreak

Windbreaks can be living or artificial. Living windbreaks of planted trees and shrubs are most striking and long-lasting, whereas artificial windbreaks offer immediate protection. You can either use rows of trees or clipped hedges; they create permeable fences apt for slowing down the wind speed. You can also opt for deciduous trees to give your porch a neat look.

How about creating a treehouse

If you have a huge strong tree in your garden, you can easily build a treehouse in it for you and your kids. A treehouse adds charm to your house in the best possible way,  and your kids can spend some quality time on the woodhouse. You can either create it on your own or ask carpenters who are willing to offer these services to you.

Get ready to place some maze

For those of you who are lucky enough to have a big garden, a maze is a great feature that can accentuate your garden. You can easily create a stunning maze in just a few years using fast/growing conifers. Use them to screen off a section of your garden. If you want to create a nice private spot in your backyard, you can also use conifers for that very purpose. Simply plant them where you wish to create a quiet place, with a gap on one side to enjoy the tranquil and sheltered space in the middle.

Create a beautiful natural shelter

You can also buy some young willows and plant them in a circle. It’s pretty easy to create a natural shelter. Just pull each one of them to the center and tie them all together. This forms a natural hut-like shape. And, as the willows grow, you can weave their branches together to create a beautiful natural structure. In summers, it will provide a shady spot for you to enjoy a drink or any recreational activities.

Another approach is to plant something like a weeping willow, or a false pepper tree. When these trees grow, the younger twigs hang down from the branches to produce an innate curtain. Provided you do not cut them, you can slip through these curtains, and enjoy the natural shade they provide. It is really nice to be cocooned like that in a totally natural structure. For the kids, these trees make fantastic dens.

Planting trees in a small garden

People with small patios, do not completely dismiss the idea of planting a tree. There are plenty of stunning compact trees that you can use to bring your garden alive. Some of them can even be grown in pots. These varieties make for really good patio plants.

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