Steamer for clothes by iSteam - Gifts for Boyfriend

7-in-1 Powerful Steamer for Clothes by iSteam

The powerful 7-in-1 clothes steamer by iSteam is intuitively designed and very portable. The steamer’s nozzle distributes steam consistently and powerfully to remove the most stubborn wrinkles. Its compact design makes the steamer easy to store and travel and its extreme prowess makes it safe for use on all types of fabric.

If your boyfriend struggles with ironing clothes, and you have to repeatedly argue with him over his crushed attire – its time you buy him the iSteam. This powerful steamer comes with an automatic shut-off feature for safety when the steamer gets too hot or the water level hits the low indicator. It has a high capacity and easy to fill water tank, which lasts for ten minutes of continuous steaming.

Available with a two-year warranty, the steamer comes with some standing instructions. For safety, the steamer shouldn’t be used upside down, should not be tilted past a 45-degree angle, and should not be used on clothes that you’re wearing.

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