7 robotic furniture designs that move to suit your needs

7 Robotic Furniture Designs that Move to Suit Your Needs

Advanced robotic technology is slowly creeping into consumers’ lives to simplify day-to-day chores. From killing loneliness to cooking delicious meals for humans, there are many robotic accessories have been introduced into the market. But that’s not all, advanced robotics is even trying to enter our houses as well and time is not too far when robotics will take over home chores to provide ultimate convenience.

The future of furniture is shape-shifting, foldable units that can move and turn into different objects as per your changing needs. Check out the following list of such high-tech robotic furniture designs that are suitable for small living spaces and future smart homes.

# Origami-inspired robotic furniture

Renowned product designer Yves Béhar has collaborated with MIT Media Lab to create the one-of-a-kind Ori robotic furniture that’s influenced by origami. Just like a piece of paper, the high-tech furniture is meant to fold, unfold and transform into various units to form a complete living space. This futuristic furniture can automatically arrange and decorate a single room into any desired space you want- be it a living room, a bedroom, or an office space.

7 robotic furniture designs that move to suit your needs

# Roombots furniture modules

Scientists from Biorobotics Laboratory (BIOROB) at École Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland have created a modular robotic design called Roombots. It is consists of various robotic ball-shaped modules that can be attached and detached to form various furniture units. These transforming furniture units can morph into any shape and size for creating different furniture pieces like a comfortable bed to sleep, a dining table to enjoy your meal, a desk to work on, or a couch when you just want to relax.

7 robotic furniture designs that move to suit your needs

# Robotic beds

In 2015, Engineer-turned-artist Carsten Holler created unique robotic beds so that the visitor can roam around the art gallery while lying on their comfy beds. The mobile robot beds were showcased at the Hayward Gallery exhibition in London’s Southbank Centre. Two people were given a chance for an overnight stay in the gallery. On these moving rest platforms, the visitors were allowed to take gallery tour like never before.

7 robotic furniture designs that move to suit your needs

# Walking Table

Designed by Scheublin and Lindeman, the Walking Table is a well-crafted piece of furniture that consists of eight walnut units. Each piece is joined together to form practical furniture that’s adorned with the beauty of mechanics. When pushed, the table comes to life and imitates a natural walking motion. This allows it to move it from one place to another, however manual labor is required for that action.

7 robotic furniture designs that move to suit your needs

# Ohea smart bed

For those who don’t like to make their bed every morning, Ohea smart bed is a perfect solution. It is equipped with a smart device that automatically senses when the bed is empty. It immediately starts straightening up the bedding as soon as you get out of it. It can automatically fix its sheets, duvet, and pillows under one minute.

7 robotic furniture designs that move to suit your needs

# Robotic Footstool

RoboStool is a DIY robotic footstool that can automatically come to you, so you can put up your feet and rest for as long as you want. The box-shaped footstool is topped with a soft leather cushion to provide comfort to your feet. It has three modes such as universal remote, beacon navigation and thermal sensor following. You can set it into any desired mode so that it can easily be driven to different directions as per your convenience.

7 robotic furniture designs that move to suit your needs

# Robotic chair

Created by architect Raffaello D’Andrea, the robotic chair is made out of wood-veneer. The brain of the chair lies in its seat, which allows it to collapse into a disconnected and disheveled heap. The legs of the chair can automatically find each corner of the base and connect back together to stand upright. The brainchild of Canadian artist Max Dean, the automatic piece of furniture is meant to disassemble when not in use, and reassemble when needed.

7 robotic furniture designs that move to suit your needs

These were some of the futuristic robotic furniture designs that can alter their shape and size to meet the changing needs of tech-savvy homeowners. Although some of these furniture units are just in their conceptual phase, very soon we can see automatic furniture pieces in modern smart homes.

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