A better Kettle boils water optimally and is also energy efficient

The most common predicament with electric kettles is that you have to make an assumption on how much water would be necessary for preparing the beverage. If it is more than needed then it is going to hamper the energy efficiency criterion and also take more time than otherwise needed. A Better Kettle is the solution to this problem as it comes in a clear glass make which allows you to see what’s inside, thereby saving effort, time and energy. Even if you do mistakenly boil a lot of water then also the thermostatic properties of this kettle keep the beverage warm for a long period of time.

This product was designed after carefully examining the needs of people and identifying their habits regarding boiling water. To make your task easier there are preset settings for example green tea is made at 70-80 degrees Celsius and the kids drink at 35-40 degrees Celsius. Other than that you can just turn the knob to set the optimum temperature needed according to your will. The ceramic foot, rubber lid and glass body give this kettle a design that fits perfectly in any kind of kitchen design.

Via: PeoplePeople

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