DIY bike generator

A DIY bike generator that poses as a patio table

DIY bike generator

Instructables Green Design Contest is certainly the apt platform of all those gloriously sustainable DIY projects that we can make use of around our house. One of these cool entries entails a DIY bike generator designed by KlockworkKevin that also ‘moonlights’ as a patio table. And, quite remarkably, according to our DIYer, many of the crucial components of his clean energy generating system like the table cover, the treadmill item (beneath the rear wheel) and the generator stand were actually upcycled from trash ‘out on the street’.

Coming to the bike generator’s functional scope, the table just needs to set aside along its length axis. The front wheel of the bike is stabilized by a vertical recess of this upturned table, while the rear wheel is set upon a treadmill item (which in turn is connected to the generator). So, on pedaling the bike, the treadmill also rotates, thus simply imparting the resultant kinetic energy to the generator.

DIY bike generator

And, since we are talking about the bike generator, its components were adroitly assembled from scrap materials. Additionally for power storage, the designer bought Deep Cycle Marine Battery and a 400 Watt Inverter. However, the scope of resourcefulness doesn’t stop here. The crafty DIYer also crafted a Voltage Regulator that connects the generator input voltage to the aforementioned Deep Cycle Marine Battery and the Inverter, for accumulating the generated ‘green’ power.

For more details on the project, follow this link.

All images are courtesy of KlockworkKevin

Via: Instructables

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