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dimdim rocking chairs

A pair of Dimdim rocking chairs doubles as a cradle

dimdim rocking chairs
When it comes to relieving stress and relaxation, the only furniture type that comes to a person’s mind is a rocking chair. It is the ideal addition to the living room, sitting room, den, bedroom or even a patio. The gentle and soothing effect that the to and fro motion of a rocking chair brings, cause the release of body’s feel good chemicals known as the endorphins, which help in reducing any kind of stress. This is the reason why a rocking chair is a must have piece of furniture. You can find various designs and styles of rocking chairs in furniture stores. But, the Dimdim rocking chair is quite different as when a pair of these are combined they double up as a baby’s cradle.

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Belgium based designer Lisse Van Cauwenberge has created this one of a kind multi-functional solution that serves as a rocking chair and also as cradle when two Dimdim chairs are joined together. Each of the rocking chair is made up of wood with steel supports and finished in a wrapped form. Two chairs can be mounted to each other with the help of a hidden terminal below the seat  to form a warm and a cozy baby cradle.

Therefore, instead of shopping for a baby cradle, get home a pair of Dimdim rocking chairs and convert them into a beautiful and comfortable baby cradle. And after the function is finished you can separate the two to be used as contemporary rocking chairs in your living room.

Via: Themag

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