A Portable Washing Machine that Doesn’t Require Electricity

The Drumi from Yirego is a foot-powered washing machine that can clean about seven garments without the need for a power outlet, generator or a solar panel. It’s a compact portable washing machine which saves you water, money and time.

The 15 pound and 22-inch tall Drumi takes only 5 to 10 minutes to wash, rinse and spin dry the clothes. The machine only uses 10 liters of water and a little detergent to clean 5 pounds of clothes.

Design of the non-electrical washing machine is reminiscent of GiraDora, the first prototype of the foot-powered machine and dryer. Drumi is specially designed for students, campers, and for people who care about the environment. The updated design of Drumi improves its stability and overall efficiency.

The machine is very easy to use – load the clothes in the drum and add 5 liters of water. Now, close the lid of the drum and put some detergent in it. Pump the pedals for 2 minutes, then push the button to empty the soapy water.

Add another 5 liters of water and pump the pedal for another two minutes and drain, then again pump the pedal for a minute and your clothes are clean and dry.

The pumping motion turns the rounded drum, tumbling the clothes inside. The pedal of Drumi is rugged and textured for extra grip that makes it easy to use in wet conditions.

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You can store it anywhere. Its made from materials that make it easy to store the machine in a wet or dry area. The Drumi handles facilitate ease of mobility, while its design creates an effective alternative to hand washing.

The foot-powered machine is available in two colors, Green and silver and its priced at $299 plus shipping charges. If you want this efficient and effective portable washing machine, you can pre-order it now.

Silver Drumi washing machine

Drumi washing drum

Drumi is suitable for the outdoors

You can port it anywhere with you

Easy to use with its rugged textured pedal

Drumi foot-powered washing machine by Yirego

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