Recycled Desk clock by Francesca Pettinato

A striking desk clock upcycled from a rusty stove hob

Francesca Pettinato, a designer from Italy and founder of Home Made Italia, has repurposed an old rusty stove hob into a clock that would surely be appreciated by geeks. Made out of vintage stove, obtained from a landfill site, the clock is capable of drawing eyeballs and brightening up your living space in steampunk style.

Recycled Desk clock by Francesca Pettinato

Recycled Desk clock by Francesca Pettinato

This tick-tock clock has some scratches on it, like most of the recycled items do have, but even that cannot hamper the attractive look of this desk clock. An old decontextualized stove hob forms the dial, and hands made out of domestic cutlery adds the distinctive design and style to this timepiece. Also, she used copper clock arms crafted in other shapes to provide variety in look. The designer infused this fully functional timepiece with a retro look ideal for rustic interiors.

Francesca Pettinato graduated from an Art Institute, and ventured into the world of art, fashion and furnishing with her creativity and craftsmanship. Home Made Italia clubbed 2nd place at an event themed on self-design, eco-friendly and reused items at the Roman quarter.



Recycled Desk clock by Francesca Pettinato

Desk clock made out of vintage stove hob


Via: Upcycledzine

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