A unique bookshelf that helps you to read in the dark

Bookshelf plus floor lamp, Double J, is designed by the Italian company named Amitrani. It’s run by two brothers, Roberto and Stefano Truzzlillio who specialize in the wooden furniture. This contemporary bookshelf will perfectly arrange your collection of books and also help you to read them in the dark with its LED light.

Double J has four shelves where you can put plenty of books. The weight of your books helps the lamp to turn in a manner so that it lights your reading area perfectly, with the light on the other end.

The bookshelf is in inverted J shape that is its uniqueness and a plus point. It consume less space and can be placed anywhere in the home. You can place it in the corner or in middle of the room and read your favorite book beneath its cool LED light. It’s totally made of fine wood and looks magnificent and attractive.

People nowadays use bookshelves to flaunt their collection of books and Double J will give them the double benefit. Its unique shape will surely grab the attention of your guests. Sadly, its price is not revealed yet.

Enhancing the beauty of the corner

Contains servel books

Double J bookshelf by Amitrani

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