Patience human face wall clock by we+

A wall clock that tells time using human face

Patience is the new invention in the field of wall clocks. It is designed by the Tokyo-based design studio we+. The human face clock is totally different from the rest ones. It tells time using a human face. Yes, you read that right!

The clock looks little weird because instead of using of hands it uses looping video of a human face to tell time. Leave that thought to the creators just in case you are thinking how can someone use facial expressions to tell time. Well, we+ has kept it simple – the right eye indicates hours, and the left eye indicates minutes. In the place of the second hand, Patience employs the popping sound of smacking lips. To add a little more to the weirdness, the clock comes in different face types: an elderly woman, a young woman and a young man with the red beard.

So, if you are that person who’s heart urges for unique things, this human face wall clock is for you. The company has not listed a price for the clock, however, you can contact the design studio by dropping them an email if you want one of these weird faces on your living room wall.

We have embedded the video below to trigger your inner weirdo and help you understand the functionality.

An old woman face showing the time

Human face clock’s side view

The three faces of human clock

Human face clock by we+ design studio

Via: DesignTaxi 

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