Addax Modular Sofa by Mathew Pope

Addax modular sofa by Matthew Pope

Matthew Pope – a young designer from UK, bagged New Designers 100% Design Award, 2016 for his Addax prefabricated sofa design.

Modular nature makes Addax an excellent piece of furniture for urban areas where space has always been a concern. It can be disassembled and reassembled in no time, therefore can be moved from one place to another effortlessly. Modular sections can be replaced and added to create a larger sofa. Attached side tray table option makes Addax all the more expedient couch.

Customization option enables the user to choose between various fabrics, plain or patterned, to create a vibrant seating furniture. Furthermore, Addax can be personalized with the help of a smartphone app, making it a smart furniture perfect for 21st century homes. The removable cushion covers leave the user with an option to go for another fabric or laundry.

Matthew designed Addax for residential spaces, but soon he realized that the multifunctional sofa could be great for break out areas in commercial spaces, considering its modular properties. Owing to the fact that the contemporary world is facing space crisis, Addax could be a great piece of furniture that can shrink or expand as per the available space.

Addax Modular Sofa by Mathew_3

Mathew Pope seated on his award winning sofa

Addax Modular Sofa by Mathew Pope_1

Addax sofa with attached side tray table

Addax Modular Sofa by Mathew Pope_4

Various detachable sections

Addax Modular Sofa by Mathew Pope

Seperable sections of Addax sofa

Addoax Modular Sofa by Mathew Pope

Addoax sofa fabric

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