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Ideas to build house deck

Ideas for Adding a Deck to Your Single-Story House

The best idea when you are looking to build your own home is to consider all the possible utility of the available space and design a home that fits your needs. This means you need to consider the outside space too. Recent research suggests that people spend an average of 46 hours per week looking at their screens, which is apparently eight times more than they spend with their loved ones. But, the fact still remains that outside space is still exceptionally popular.

If you’re looking to add a deck to your single story house plan, you need to consider following tips.


Location of the deck is also determined by the personal preferences, as well as the available space. if you have plenty of space indoors, the deck can run from your living area to the outside porch. If there is space constraint indoors, then go for a more conventional outdoor deck.


The first thing you need to consider is where the deck is going to go. It is best to construct it from communal areas, not individual bedrooms. This will prevent arguments and potentially embarrassing situations.

You should also consider how close it is to your kitchen. There is a good chance the deck will be used for eating and drinking; therefore you’ll want to be able to access these items quickly from the kitchen.


You may be fortunate enough to have the sun all day long outside your home. This is probably where you would choose to build your deck. But, if this is not the case then you need to consider whether you are more of a morning person or an evening one. This will affect where you decide to build your deck to enjoy natural views outside.

Another weather-based consideration is the wind. The position of your deck will depend on whether you usually have a welcome cooling breeze or a cold uninviting one.

The wind can seriously affect the enjoyment level on your deck; so take the time to consider which direction it usually flows from and whether it is worth adding a screen.


It is also important to look at how much privacy you want from your deck. The answer to this will depend on how private you actually want it to be. You can shield it with screening or simply place it in a location where no one lay their eyes on.

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However, if you don’t care who can see you then how private it is may not be an issue at all!


Before adding the deck to your single-story house plan you’ll need to consider how much extra it will cost you. You can opt to do this part of the work yourself or more practically hire a good contractor to finish the task.

Important thing is to be aware of the potential cost before you commit to adding the deck to your plans.
While it is possible that you can add the deck at a later time, it is advisable to do it as part of the initial building plan.

Finally, it is a good idea to consider your neighbors. A single-story deck is unlikely to cause an issue to your neighbors but it is advisable to notify them (in case they have privacy issues) before you submit the plans.

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  • Ideas to build house deck

    Ideas for Adding a Deck to Your Single-Story House

    The best idea when you are looking to build your own home is to consider all the possible utility of the ...
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