Adjustable Bolla Pop Shelves by Scale 1:1

A team of designers from Los Angeles, California – Scale 1:1 has designed a contemporary bookshelf that thrives on its awesome geometric form and appealing colors. Dubbed the Bolla Pop Shelves these are available in 5 different colors (Arctic blue, Red, Tangerine, Scale green and Black) and 4 cool sizes to choose from. The Bolla Pop isn’t just a shelving solution to stock up books, magazines etc, but given its wonderful design, it can also be used as a vibrant room divider, if you may like.

The great selection of colors and wonderful sizes allow the user to easily assemble the Bolla Pop in the way he/she likes. To assemble different sizes of the modular shelf to make one big shelf, the user just has to hold the two small shelves together. A combo of inner panel coil and natural compressive force between the shelves holds the shelving system together without the need of any nails or screws to attach. The adjustable Bolla Pop shelf is available for a starting price of $1,584 (increasing with size) and comes with an option tempered glass top – so you can also use it as a table if you like. Hit the jump to see more images.

Via: Scale1-1

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