Admire beauty in irregularity of Pallucco’s Egg Lamp

The Egg Lamp by Italian brand Pallucco is unique lighting solution which bring back the essence of ancient craft. This handmade lamp is designed by Enrico Franzolini who used a peculiar glass blowing technique called mold-blowing, which was popular during the first century AD.

The blowing gives the glass slight irregularity in shape. Tiny bubbles of air which appear to float in the material, make each lamp unique in its own way. The Egg Lamp comes with steel frame and a glass shell, and it is available in topaz, white/grey, in pendant or tabletop version. That means, you can use it as a hanging lamp for your bedroom or table lamp for your desk.

Enrico’s niche lamp provides decorative and diffused light which is able to enhance the beauty of your work space, living room or hospitality area. The lamp is equipped with dimmable bulb and a dimmer switch, so that you can adjust it according to the ambiance needed for the space.

Whether it is On or Off, the Egg Lamp looks equally beautiful, and its graphic play of the exposed metal structure renders it a strong personality.

Enrico Franzolini’s Egg Lamp is steeply priced at $1,650.57 USD, and you can purchase it right away.

Beautiful table Egg Lamp

Enhancing the charm of living area

Hanging Egg Lamps in dinning Room

Irregular shape of this table lamp gives unique touch

Pendent version of Egg Lamp

Italian brand Pallucco’s Egg Lamp designed by Enrico Franzolini

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