crying unicorn candle

Adorable crying unicorn candle sheds rainbow tears

There’s nothing like decorating your home with designer candles for parties and special occasions. In recent years, candle designs have taken a weird and creative turn. Crying unicorn candle is one such example. It features the mythical creature in the purest white ceramic holding a vibrant candle horn.

This unicorn candle cries adorable rainbow-colored tears when you light it up. The tears come out from the sockets of the unicorn’s eye, making it a crying unicorn. The candle includes two more spiraled horns so that you can watch it cry for long. 

There can’t be anything more intriguing than a unicorn shedding colorful tears. All you have to do is light its spiraled horn and the unicorn bursts into tears, a waxy rainbow of colors. Pure white ceramic makes the beautiful sadness more ecstatic. 

This cute little crying unicorn candle can be a great, unusual gift for a unicorn lover. The candle with two spare horns is available for £20 (US$25).

Rainbow candles

Rainbow candles

Melting wax dripping out fo the unicorn’s eyes

Crying unicorn candles

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