Aeris Air Purifier by Lab. Fabrici

Aeris Air Purifier Uses Plants to Clean Indoor Air

Indoor plants not only increase the aesthetics of your living space but also refresh the air inside. What if you could use natural plants to purify the air of your home without any costly air purification devices? Well, this is now possible all thanks to the Aeris air purifier by Italian design studio Lab. Fabrici. This planter-shaped device uses the power of plants to decontaminate air of your surroundings.

Designers Alessio D’Andrea and Vincenzo Vitiello have created an eco-chic air purification system that is made from traditional materials such as clay, wood and copper. It consists of two pots- the inner pot to place any plant and the outer pot is installed with a high-speed fan.

This high-speed fan increases the flow of air inside the plant and forces it to pass through a substrate of expanded clay and activate carbon. Due to this process, the Aeris can continuously clean and produce fresh oxygen for your indoor atmosphere.

The plant-based air purifier is highly customizable for different environments, as you can place different houseplants inside and choose different combinations of materials and colors, depending on your interior.

It is a perfect air purification device for health-conscious homeowners, who are looking for cost-effective natural ways to keep their house’s environment green along with cleaner air all the time.

Aeris Air Purifier by Lab. Fabrici

Consists of two pots- inner pot to place a plant and the outer pot with high-speed fan

Aeris Air Purifier by Lab. Fabrici

Customizable device makes your indoor air fresh

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