Aescent Tent by Dan Robertson

Aesent Tent is a perfect camping gear offering space and comfort

 Aescent Tent by Dan Robertson

Today there are a plenty of options in a camping tent. Some of them might boast a lot of obligatory features, but the campers are still displeased with the comfort level offered by not-so-comfortable sleeping pad during their expedition. Using an air mattress inside the tent, however, is a good option, but it might not fit. If it does, there still is a chance for you to roll off the bed in the middle of the night. As a solution to this problem, Dan Robertson has designed Aesent, which is again a camper’s tent with built-in inflatable mattress attached to its base for that extra comfort.

This functional tent is built to offer convenience, space, durability and most importantly, comfort. The dome shaped design includes a 6-inch inflatable base attached through a zipper access. It takes no longer than two minutes to assemble the tent. As the bottom of this tent sits well on different terrains, including pointy rocks, extra thick vinyl is used to construct its inflatable base to avoid punctures.

Dan’s Aesent is the world’s first tent to include an integrated inflatable base. Since, it is furnished with a wall-to-wall air mattress, you won’t roll off while sleeping and you would not have to haul a sleeping bag for your camping trip. This perfect sounding camping accessory is still a concept and is struggling hard to achieve $140,000 goal on Kicksarter to take his project to masses. If successfully funded, first delivery is expected to be in the month of June, 2014.

Watch the video below to see how this patent-pending design works:

Via: Aesent/HiConsumption

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