Afresheet: World’s first top fitted sheet with seven disposable layers

New York-based startup AfreSHeet has created the world’s first top fitted sheet that comes with seven disposable peel away layers. This highly innovative bed sheet is a blessings for those who detest the idea of changing and cleaning bed sheets frequently.

Disposable and 100 percent recyclable sheets made from a proprietary polyester blend comes with waterproof coating on top, which ensures no liquid dribbles down to next layer. The top layer of the sheet can be removed with utmost ease when spoiled, revealing a new and fresh sheet beneath.

Suitable for people belonging to all age groups, the sheet has been tested on people ranging from toddlers to elders, and is rated as comfortable, soft and breathable as a conventional sheet. But the best part is confidence and ease of use (change) it offers without any assistance.

Designed to help young college students, the multipurpose sheet can also be used in children’s room, summer camps and guestrooms. Available in only one size, i.e., twin extra large, the bed sheet can easily fit into any standard college dorm bed.

Customizable in nature, the AfreSHeet can be made to fulfil personal preferences. Currently available for purchase online, the sheet can be purchased for $29.95 only.


World’s first top fitted disposable seven layer bed sheet

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